List of 15 Top social bookmarking sites you should be knowing

List Of 15 Top Social Bookmarking Sites You Should Be Knowing

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Bookmarking a website approach saving the website’s URL or internet copy with a listing of stored websites or net pages, additionally called bookmarks. This list of bookmarks is generally saved within a consumer’s web browser or on a social bookmarking web site. By bookmarking websites, users can quickly and easily access their favored web sites while not having to keep in mind the exact URL or search for it again. Bookmarking additionally lets in users to arrange their favorite websites into classes or folders, making it less complicated to locate specific content in a while. 

Here are the list of top 15 bookmark sites you should be knowing:


Reddit is a famous social information and dialogue platform wherein users can publish and vote on content material consisting of text posts, links, and snapshots. The platform is prepared into thousands of communities known as “subreddits,” which might be centered on unique subjects consisting of news, technology, sports, amusement, and more. Users can subscribe to subreddits that interest them and participate in discussions by means of commenting on posts or growing their own. The most famous posts on Reddit upward thrust to the pinnacle of the web site’s homepage or unique subreddits based totally on consumer upvotes, and the least popular posts are buried or removed.



Pearltrees is a visible social bookmarking tool that allows customers to prepare, discover and proportion their favored web sites, articles, images, and different on-line content material in a unique and interactive way. Users can create their very own “pearls,” that are visual bookmarks that contain hyperlinks to internet pages, and then group them into customizable “pearltrees” primarily based on subjects or pastimes. These pearltrees can then be shared with others, taking into consideration a collaborative approach to content material curation. Pearltrees also offers a seek function that lets in users to discover new content associated with their pastimes and to discover the pearltrees of different customers. 


Start.Me is a personal bookmarking and homepage provider that permits you to create a customized homepage with your favourite bookmarks, information feeds, and widgets. With Start.Me, you could create more than one pages of bookmarks and organize them into categories, making it clean to discover the web sites you want speedy.

Start.Me gives a lot of widgets that you could add on your homepage, consisting of weather forecasts, news feeds, calendars, and extra. You also can customise the format and layout of your homepage to fit your preferences.

One of the advantages of the use of Start.Me is that your bookmarks and homepage are to be had from any tool with an internet connection. This approach you can get admission to your favorite websites and widgets out of your laptop laptop, computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Link –


Pinterest is a social bookmarking and visual discovery platform that lets in users to shop and proportion snap shots and films, called “pins,” to virtual pinboards. Users can create boards on unique subjects or topics and store pins to those boards, organizing their interests and inspirations in a visually appealing way. Pinterest is used by people for private hobbies and hobbies, in addition to corporations for marketing and selling their services or products. Users can follow other customers and boards to find out new content material and also can look for the use of key phrases or classes.



StumbleUpon became a social bookmarking and discovery platform that allowed customers to find out new websites and online content material based on their pursuits. In 2018, it became relaunched as Mix, which is much like StumbleUpon but with a renewed cognizance on personalized content material discovery. Users can create collections in their preferred web sites, articles, photographs, and videos, and can also follow different customers and collections to discover new content. Mix uses algorithms to advise content material based on a person’s pastimes and activity at the platform, and also consists of a search function that lets in users to discover new content material based on precise keywords or topics. 



Digg is a social news and content material discovery platform that allows customers to submit and vote on news tales, articles, and different content material from across the internet. Users can vote on content material they like, and the maximum popular tales upward push to the pinnacle of the website online’s homepage. Digg also includes a function referred to as “Digg Reader,” that’s an information aggregator that lets in customers to comply with and prepare their favored RSS feeds. In addition to the website, Digg is likewise to be had as a cell app, making it clean for customers to get right of entry to and find out new content on-the-cross. 

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Slashdot is a era information and dialogue website that functions information tales and articles related to technological know-how, generation, and geek way of life. Slashdot is understood for its active community of customers who engage in discussions and debates on a lot of tech-related topics.

One of the unique functions of Slashdot is its moderation machine. Users can price comments on a sliding scale from -1 to +five, with higher-rated feedback performing greater prominently within the discussion thread. This device enables to promote outstanding remarks and discussions while suppressing spam and coffee-first-rate content material.

Slashdot also capabilities a whole lot of person-generated content, together with authentic articles, weblog posts, and person-submitted testimonies. Users can put up their personal testimonies to the web site, which are then reviewed via editors and published if they meet first-class standards.



LinkaGoGo is an online bookmarking provider that permits you to save and organize your bookmarks in a single valuable vicinity. With LinkaGoGo, you could get right of entry to your bookmarks from any device with an internet connection, making it easy to discover the web sites you want fast and without problems.

One of the key features of LinkaGoGo is its assist for tags. You can upload tags to your bookmarks to categorize them with the aid of subject matter or difficulty, making it easy to locate associated websites and content. You can also search for bookmarks by means of key-word, tag, or URL.

LinkaGoGo also offers a whole lot of customization options. You can pick out from a whole lot of issues and layouts to customize the appearance and feel of your bookmarks page. You also can import bookmarks from different offerings, together with Delicious or Pocket, and export your bookmarks to different codecs, which include HTML or CSV.



MySpace is a social networking platform that became popular inside the early 2000s, before the upward push of Facebook and other social media websites. It allowed customers to create profiles, connect to friends, and share content including snapshots, movies, and track. MySpace became especially famous amongst musicians and tune enthusiasts, because it furnished a platform for unbiased musicians to sell their tunes and connect with enthusiasts. 



Pocket is a web and cellular utility that lets in customers to keep articles, movies, and other internet content material to read later. Users can set up a browser extension or mobile app that enables them to save content material with a single click on or faucet. Saved content is saved at the Pocket platform, in which users can get admission to it later from any tool. Pocket additionally consists of quite a number features for organizing stored content material, which include tags, favorites, and information. Users also can discover new content material on Pocket thru personalized pointers and curated lists of popular articles and films. 



Plurk is a social networking and microblogging platform that permits users to share short messages or “Plurks” with their followers. The platform is similar to Twitter, but with a more visually-oriented interface that allows customers to proportion pics and other media alongside their messages. Plurk additionally includes functions such as threaded conversations, which permit users to respond to specific Plurks in an extra prepared way, and karma points, which reflect a user’s hobby and engagement at the platform. Plurk is especially famous in Asia, where it has a robust following, but it has not gained as much traction in other elements of the world.



Tumblr is a microblogging and social media platform that lets in users to put up and share a variety of content material, consisting of text, photos, motion pictures, and GIFs. Users can observe different Tumblr blogs and reblog posts from them, growing an especially interactive and collaborative network. Tumblr additionally includes a range of customization alternatives, permitting customers to personalize their blogs with custom issues, fonts, and shades. The platform is understood for its creative and often eclectic content, and has been popular amongst artists, writers, and different innovative specialists. Tumblr is to be had as a website and as a mobile app, and is a famous vacation spot for people looking for proposals and creative expression.



Delicious is a social bookmarking internet site that permits users to shop, arrange, and share bookmarks to their preferred internet pages. Users can add tags and outlines to bookmarks to help organize them, and also can comply with different users to discover new content material. Delicious additionally includes a social issue, permitting customers to proportion bookmarks with pals and colleagues and to view bookmarks that have been stored with the aid of different customers. In addition, Delicious affords a discovery feature that recommends content based totally on a consumer’s bookmarks and surfing records. Delicious became based in 2003 and has modified possession and passed through tremendous changes over time, however it remains a popular choice for users looking for a simple and powerful way to manipulate their bookmarks.



Folkd is a social bookmarking and social search platform that allows customers to bookmark, percentage, and find out web content. Users can store links to their favorite websites and on-line assets, and upload tags and outlines to help prepare them. Folkd also lets in users to search for content material that has been bookmarked by using other customers, making it easy to find out new and interesting websites and sources. In addition to its bookmarking and seek capabilities, Folkd consists of more than a few social networking gear, permitting customers to hook up with other users, create companies and groups, and percentage content thru social media. Folkd is a beneficial device for absolutely everyone seeking to find out and share exciting content on the internet.



Dribbble is a social media platform and community for designers and creative specialists. It lets in users to percentage their design paintings, together with snapshots, illustrations, and animations, and get feedback from other contributors of the network. Dribbble is a treasured aid for designers looking to showcase their work, build their portfolio, and connect to other designers and potential clients. The platform also includes a number of capabilities for coming across new work and engaging with the community, consisting of customized tips, curated collections, and process listings. Dribbble turned into founded in 2009 and has grown to come to be one of the most important and maximum energetic on-line communities for designers and creatives.



In conclusion, social bookmarking sites are treasured equipment for organizing and coming across online content, connecting with different customers, and constructing groups round shared pastimes. There are many one of a kind social bookmarking websites to pick from, every with its personal strengths and features, so it’s crucial to discover the one that works exceptionally in your needs and hobbies. By growing an account, bookmarking your favored content, and engaging with the network, you may use social bookmarking websites to make the maximum of your online experience and connect with like-minded individuals from around the sector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Social bookmarking sites are on-line systems that allow customers to store, arrange, and percentage hyperlinks to net pages and other on-line assets.

2. How do social bookmarking sites paint?

Social bookmarking sites typically allow customers to save bookmarks to their favorite net pages, tag them with descriptive keywords, and share them with other customers. Users also can look for content that has been bookmarked with the aid of other customers, and interact with the community via commenting, liking, and sharing.

3. What are the benefits of the usage of social bookmarking websites?

Social bookmarking websites can assist customers to arrange and hold tune in their favorite online content, find out new and exciting content, and connect with different customers who share their interests.

4. Are social bookmarking websites unfastened to use?

Many social bookmarking websites are unfastened to apply, although a few may additionally provide premium capabilities or require a subscription fee.

5. What are a few famous social bookmarking sites?

Some popular social bookmarking web sites include Reddit, Pinterest, Digg, StumbleUpon/Mix, Delicious, and GetPocket, among others


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